Eildon Hills Borders Pet Crematorium

The location of Borders Pet Crematorium beneath the Eildon Hills is second to none, we have the most stunning Eildon View from the Pet Crematorium, which looks over these iconic hills, giving a lovely feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Borders Pet Crematorium

The BORDERS PET CREMATORIUM is ideally situated in the centre of the Scottish Borders, it can be reached within an hours drive of most of the Border towns.

Contact us before your beloved pet’s final day if it is expected or arrange your beloved pet’s cremation or burial once your pet has passed.

We will respectfully discuss your wishes and arrange collection from your house or your Veterinary Practice if required, we can also arrange an appointment for you to bring your pet to our Family Room to lay in peace while you say your final goodbye.


Bird Cremation

We provide Bird Cremation Services

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Cat Cremation

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Rabbit Cremation

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Dog Cremation

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Small Animal

Small Animal Cremation

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Equine Cremation

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Our Services

We only carry out individual pet cremations – guaranteed!  We don’t dispose of veterinary waste products or clinical waste!

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We can bury your beloved pet in its own pet coffin at your home as long you can show us you own the property or have the landlord’s permission in writing and the final resting place isn’t close to a water course where contamination may occur.

We will bury your pet at least 600mm deep to deter scavenging animals such as foxes and badgers, unfortunately our veterinary colleagues advise against burying euthanized pets so we offer an Interment of your Pet’s Ashes Service should this be the case.

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Memorial ProductsWe provide this service if you have little space in your garden or rent your property or if your pet has been euthanized.

We will cremate your beloved pet and bring you the ashes in one of our caskets to bury in your home or a favourite place as long as you have the landowners written consent to do so.

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Doves flying in the skyWe can release our beautiful White Rescue Doves from your home or favourite place if you want to scatter or bury your pet’s ashes or bury your pet, please contact us if you would like to find out more of our Dove Release Service.

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Crematorium External View

This is just to say thank you for the way you dealt with us and our Georgie Girl earlier this week. As you know, it’s a difficult time when you have to say goodbye, and everyone is different. You got it just right for us, thank you!

Ann & Tim Fox

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We guarantee to take care of your beloved pet
as if it was our own, on its final journey