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Border Pet Crematorium

The BORDERS PET CREMATORIUM is ideally situated in Melrose in the central Borders, it can be reached within an hours drive of most of the Border towns.

Borders Pet Crematorium is a family run business which was started in 2018 but has been very much in the planning stage for a good number of years.

The business is run by Mark Riddell who has a wealth of business experience spanning the last 30 years.  Mark has always been an animal lover and has grown up with many pets of various varieties.

In 2004 he opened his privately funded Animal Rescue Sanctuary here in Melrose and developed the site to provide every comfort for all the rescue animals he has given a loving home to.  Many have come from loving homes that have had their owners circumstances changed due to ill health or passing and many have come from other rescue centres that have unfortunately had to close down due to the economic downturn.

This privately funded sanctuary, although little known by the wide majority of Borderers, has also helped many local people who knew of its existence.

Local schools have visited to see the different, sometimes unusual animals, giving the children an opportunity to learn about the care and commitment needed to look after a pet. We have also had pets left at the door in boxes with people calling in tears asking if we can look after them as they are no longer able to for whatever the reason.

Mark has never judged anyone who has asked for help to continue to give the love and care that these rescue animals require and deserve.

Mark has had his own pets, mainly his dogs and while some had required extensive treatment at his local vets and were very well cared for, he felt at their time of passing more could have been done to provide his animals with a more dignified way to be cared for after their death and up until their cremation.

It is an unfortunate fact that most veterinary practices are contracted to a particular company who come out on a weekly round to collect deceased animals and the veterinary clinical waste.

This means your pet may or may not be placed in a body bag and put in a veterinary chest freezer and stored for up to a week, then collected in a van with other deceased animals from different vet practices and stacked up beside the other bodies and clinical waste that these vet practices generate, before being taken to a Crematorium or waste transfer station.

Mark and his family decided they would like to offer a service of respectfully looking after your beloved pet until it can be given a dignified individual cremation or burial within 24/48 hours of their passing.

Also Mark and his family want to give you the confidence and peace of mind that your loved ones have been cared for on their final journey by our understanding employees who have the same compassion, understanding and love for your pet that you have had all your beloved pet’s life.

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